Human Machine Interface

HMI is a user interface which is a combination of hardware and software that permits easy interaction between the human operator and machine.

At Shamrock, we design and implement HMIs to fit all customer requirements. Some of the major functions that we develop HMI capability for include:

  • Machine Commands Start/Stop

  • Visualising data display

  • Monitoring the inputs and outputs of the machines

  • Tracking of production time, trends, etc

  • Performing the required changes when needed

We understand that integrating HMI systems within your production lines and machines requires careful consideration. We can add value to any automation process by designing customised HMIs applications to your requirements.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA systems are used for controlling, monitoring, and analysing industrial devices and processes. The main purpose of a SCADA system is to monitor and control equipment in industrial processes.

We can help to implement SCADA systems to provide comprehensive graphics, real-time trends, archiving, reports and alarming. Shamrock has over ten years of experience in implementing SCADA solutions across several industry sectors and we offer a range of SCADA types from server-based to cloud-based systems.

Our SCADA systems offer our customers greater functionality and security, enhanced efficiency, improved reliability, lower running costs, improved performance, and lower energy usage.

Why Choose Shamrock for your HMI and SCADA Systems?

At Shamrock System Integration we bring deep, functional expertise to every project.

We operate with a proven multiplier effect from optimising the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Whatever the industry sector, Shamrock can help design, develop and implement complex automation systems for your business