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With robust capability and solid industry experience for over 10 years, Shamrock System Integration offers industrial automation solutions with superior quality, reliability and precision that find application in a broad range of industries, including Automotive, Food Industry, Pharmaceutical and Semiconductor.

We can help improve your systems today, delivering tangible returns on investment while also ensuring you are prepared for the opportunities, challenges and changing business requirements of the future.



The automotive industry has been utilising automation technology for years. However, a high level of partial or fully manual processes still exist that requires human decision-making.

The most successful automotive businesses leverage some degree of automation at every stage of production. Robots, machine vision and automation should work together to complete an array of tasks from welding and assembly to inspection and testing. This is where Shamrock can add value to your operations, by fuelling growth through automation, system design and integration.

We design efficient systems to increase overall production efficiency while improving the decision-making process through developing data-driven methods.

Our experience in the automotive industry covers several key areas such as conveyor systems, robotics, assembly lines, workstations, and synchronized processes.


Food Industry

The ability to adapt to change is crucial when improving operational efficiencies, particularly within the food industry.

From automated packing and palletisation systems to check-weigher machines and more, we offer reliable, scalable solutions for businesses within the food sector. At Shamrock we support all our customers with comprehensive expertise – whether through technical support or process development.

The food industry has seen huge advances in technology and automation, which has resulted in increased competition and raised the standard of quality within every aspect of production.

Speed to market is one of the most critical issues that our solutions can improve, and one of our main objectives is to help businesses safeguard against existing and future challenges facing the food industry.



The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. Coupled with a period of transformational change that the industry has been experiencing throughout the past number of years, we have seen a huge shift in businesses adopting automated processes to ensure efficiency and ultimately remain competitive.

Technologies like robotic process automation, predictive analytics, digital twins, and modern manufacturing execution systems now make it possible to do more, with less.

We work closely with our pharmaceutical clients to achieve their operational goals through tailored automation solutions.



Our Know-how within the semiconductor industry involves Facility Management System implementation. At Shamrock, we understand the challenges that semiconductor businesses face on a daily basis. However, by having an in-depth knowledge of the wider macro environment, we also have a deep understanding of the complex solutions needed to transform these challenges into opportunities.

From Pressure, Flow, Level and temperature variables we help to design and integrate automation systems to solve complex problems, while increasing overall efficiency.

Our mission to all our customers – particularly in the semiconductor industry – is to drive innovation and growth through automation, and help scale their business operations safely, and securely.

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We pride ourselves on our capacity to deliver reliable solutions in the most efficient, cost-effective and safe manner.

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships based on mutual respect, trust and understanding.

We can help improve your manufacturing operations to enhance productivity and efficiency, while ensuring your facilities are adaptable, scalable and protected for the future.