Industrial Automation Maintenance

In addition to troubleshooting, we offer preventative maintenance and support programmes for automation systems. Our objective? To safeguard your business against future problems.

As automation improves and industrial plants become more information-intensive, there is an increasing need to update how automation systems and process applications are maintained.

We provide remote and on-site monitoring and evaluation to ensure your systems are fully optimised for maximum performance.


Our Automation Maintenance Process

Our maintenance approach can vary, depending on project requirements. In general, we aim to stick to the core elements of maintenance management, these include:

  • Accessing the maintenance requirements
  • Planning minimum downtime with production managers
  • Aligning with our client’s schedule for works
  • Installation and repair
  • Testing and validation

Why Choose Shamrock as your Automation Maintenance Engineers

System maintenance can be time-consuming and can often prove costly for businesses. In addition to this, there are often few (if any) trained personnel to deal with automation system issues, particularly as technology evolves.

Automation systems are made up of hard drives, controllers, monitors, jumpers, firmware, software, and hardware. If just one component is ignored, this could result in a portion of a plant being shut down.

At Shamrock, we perform extensive maintenance to mitigate and/or eliminate future issues – thus adding value and giving back time to the businesses aiming to scale up operations.