Instrumentation Solutions

What is Industrial Measurement and Control?

Instrumentation involves creating, constructing, and maintaining the measuring and control devices and systems that equip manufacturing facilities.

At Shamrock, we offer effective, cost-efficient and reliable ways to monitor manufacturing processes within the scope of production measurement technology.

We have the knowledge and expertise to match any project requirement, no matter the size.


Industrial Instrumentation

Industrial Instrumentation is used in different setups and applications in production environments, across various industry sectors. Irrespective of the application in production, it is essential that the measuring equipment is fit-to-function, i.e., adapted to the application and ready for use, even in harsh industrial environments. 

Instrumentation and control solutions may include: 

  • Full evaluation of the quality of assembly connections
  • Consistent documentation of manufacturing data
  • Protection of machinery and tools
  • Real-time production monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Equipment life cycle

Benefits of Instrumentation and Control

In addition to increased efficiency and cost reductions, our instrumentation and control (I&C) services offer a wide range of benefits to our customers’ processes.

These include:

  • Improved operational efficiency – reducing the potential for costly errors
  • Increased automation, meaning less manpower for operations
  • Potential increased product output through automation
  • Quicker reaction time to address faults and alarms
  • Virtualisation, reducing hardware requirements while improving reliability and flexibility
  • Assurance of superior performance of controls and the end-product
  • Minimum downtimes