Industrial Automation Troubleshooting

Like most things, systems break down from time to time.

At Shamrock, we strongly believe that it’s how you anticipate and respond to such uncertainty that will determine the outcome.

We define troubleshooting as a systematic approach to discovering, diagnosing and solving system issues. To do this, we employ a process used to trace the cause of a fault in a system and correct the relevant components in order to resolve the issue.


Features of Shamrock’s Troubleshooting Services

Our methodical approach to problem-solving is key to how we operate. In order to identify the scale of any issue, we first need to discover where the issue lies.

Our troubleshooting process involves meticulous investigation into the origin of a particular issue, and typically involves many of the key functions below:

  • Discovery Ask the right questions to find out the “who, what, and when” of the problem
  • Gather all relevant data, eliminate variables
  • Reproduce the problem isolate and develop hypothesis of root cause
  • Attempt a fix based on findings
  • Problem fixed Future proof for similar issues

Why work with Shamrock System Integration?

Shamrock System Integration provides high-end automation troubleshooting and solutions.

With a highly experienced team supporting PLC, SCADA, HMI, robotics, vision systems and more, SSI through its in-depth knowledge of systems can provide a high standard of troubleshooting for integration as well as supporting clients within a consultancy capacity in order to achieve business and organisational goals.