Industrial Automation Consultancy

Shamrock System Integration provides Industrial Automation consultancy and solutions.

With know-how in PLC, SCADA, HMI, Instrumentation, robotics, vision systems and more, SSI through its in-depth knowledge of systems can provide a high standard of consulting for integration as well as supporting clients for new manufacturing installations in order to achieve business and organisational goals.

We offer a full range of automation consultancy services, combining unrivalled industry knowledge with tailored solutions to provide expert guidance across multiple industry sectors.

We provide end-to-end consultancy services at every stage of the automation process, with a particular focus on the field, control and supervisory levels.


Our Consultancy

Our pre-project industrial automation consulting provides strategic guidance that will enable you to execute projects with more clarity, less risk, and lower cost.

Working collaboratively with your team, our consultancy process begins with gaining a full understanding of company goals, objectives, and major pain points.

Through reduced project risk and solutions specific to our customers’ needs, we help them achieve a profitable, safe, and sustainable operation.

How We Help

At Shamrock System Integration we bring deep, functional expertise, but are most notably recognised for our holistic approach in driving innovation through automation.

We operate with a proven multiplier effect from optimising the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Whatever the industry sector, consultation with SSI can help develop and achieve real business objectives –
while focusing on three main outcomes:

  • Faster time to market Increase innovation while delivering more complex products

  • Increased visibility Leverage existing data to drive visibility and predictive analysis

  • Optimised internal operations Unlock operational efficiency to become more competitive


Automation Consultancy for A Wide Range of Industries

By engaging in regular consultation, we provide customers with specialised advice for greater insight and control over their production processes.

We offer consultancy services across a range of industry sectors and have successfully completed projects in Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Semiconductor.


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