Robotics Solutions

Robotics Solutions with Shamrock

Ranging from designing diverse applications to testing and validation, Shamrock System Integration has been delivering robotic solutions for our clients for over ten years.

At Shamrock, we have extensive experience in a range of robotic applications, from heavy-duty six-axis robots, collaborative and SCARA robots.

Our know-how and experience within the field of robotics has led to the development of many successful solutions, successfully helping our clients scale operations through automation.

Features of Robotics applications

Our robotics technicians are proficient in several technical areas, incorporating elements of mechatronics and industrial automation.

Depending on the project and customer requirements, some typical functions that our technicians perform on a regular basis include:

  • Building configuring, and testing robots

  • Designing software systems to control robotic systems

  • Designing automated robotic systems that are used to increase production and precision levels

  • Analysing and evaluating the prototypes and robotic systems they have created

  • Reviewing and approving cost estimates and design calculations

  • Providing technical support for robotic systems

  • Teaching plans paths to robots

  • Performing research into the design, operation and performance of robotic mechanism components or systems

  • Troubleshooting and repairing services