Industrial Automation Engineering

Automation engineering involves the design, development, and implementation of safe Automatic systems that will continually run, using controllers, sensors, motors or even robotic systems. At its core is the combination of mechanical, electrical, and electronic engineering with computer technology.

As the manufacturing process becomes increasingly automated, there is a growing demand and need for experienced automation engineers.

At Shamrock System Integration, our engineering services cover areas such as PLCs, HMI, SCADA, Instrumentation, Safety circuits, Vision Systems, Motion Control, Robotics, Industrial Networks, Control Panel design and Software development.

Our Engineering Solutions

Our industrial automation engineering technicians take into consideration applied electronics engineering, science, and mathematics to develop solutions to technical problems.

Depending on project requirements, and the specific industry sector, our engineers will generally perform several key tasks to ensure a successful outcome.

These include:

  • Identification Of new opportunities for industrial automation within the manufacturing process

  • Designing New automatic layouts for machines or processes

  • Installation Of industrial equipment and process

  • Commissioning and testing these processes or equipment to ensure they function as desired

  • Programming PLCs routines to the manufacturing process or machines

  • Developing and maintaining documentation of automation equipment or processes

  • Troubleshooting automated processes or equipment when errors occur

  • Training machine technicians/operators how to interact and maintain automatic systems.


Automation Engineering across a wide range of industries

We offer engineering services across a range of industry sectors including Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, and Semiconductor.

Take a closer look at some of our recent projects.